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    Tibet-Qinghai cooperation launches tourism projects
    update:September 27,2019

    Spet.27, 2019 -- The highland meadows in Menyuan Hui autonomous county, Qinghai province, are a popular tourist site in summer. [Photo/Xinhua]
    Spet.27, 2019 -- China's Southwest Tibet autonomous region is planning to jointly launch six self-driving and trekking lines with neighboring Qinghai province, the region's tourism development department said, Tibet Business Daily reported.
    Both Tibet and Qinghai share similar geographical and cultural resources with well-connected transportation networks, as well as a strong motivation for further cooperation in the tourism market.
    An official team from Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Qinghai province recently made a trip to discuss cooperative projects.
    Environmental protection trekking activities, off-road rally across Yushu, Tibet's Nagchu city and Ngari prefecture, and trekking along the ten Tibetan sacred mountains are discussed during the survey trip.
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